Berghaus profits up

North East outdoor clothing specialist Berghaus says it has seen a huge increase in sales as ramblers and climbers snap up waterproofs and boots to cope with the climate.

The Sunderland-based firm has seen like-for-like online trading almost double in the wettest weeks over the drier weeks and its shops are seeing a 60% rise in sales.

Richard Leedham, Berghaus vice president for Europe, said: “While I appreciate that the wind and rain isn’t bringing smiles to the faces of everyone, it has certainly had a positive impact on our business.

“As a British brand, Berghaus knows better than most that the weather here can be very unpredictable. Of course, people choose to, or have to, venture outside regardless and for over 40 years we’ve been providing kit that allows them to do that with confidence, knowing that they’re protected from the elements.”

The 47-year-old firm has been focusing on growing its overseas markets in recent years but its domestic sales have grown steadily to more than £56m in its most recent annual results.


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